Ackermans Part & Full Time Jobs

We are looking for you to join our team at Ackermans we mean you who are reading this content, We have 106 years in business, more than 700 stores across Southern Africa, our headquarters is situated in  Kuilsriver Cape Town, more than 3, 622 employees working in our stores, call center and warehouse. We are expressive about people, fashion and market.

Our slogan says Phadimas when it comes to our employees, which means   “Shine” in Southern Sotho, So it doesn’t matter whether you are excellent or well organized. You are welcome to join us at Ackermans.

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At Ackermans we have more job opportunities full and part time jobs in December 2022 holiday applicable for you to apply from fashion to finance look over immediately for different departments that you can choose to apply for:


This team is for people who are looking for a strong and detail-oriented bookkeeping firm. We work with clients who are original and have different budgets.


The products and services that we provide are planned to bring value to our customers. Through our planners, designers, and buyers, we are able to supply our stores with the latest movement and products that will be attractive to our customers.


This group of people is behind in making our stores, the best they can be. They are the ones who plan and instrument the magic that our customers encounter every day.

Supply Chain And Group Distributors Centers

The team that deals with our supply chain is made up of both engineers and organization center workers. They work together to make sure that our customers get the best manageable service.

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Key Responsibilities

• Upgrade the store’s settlements by performing business operations in a booking way.

• Build and excel agreements spending and successful goals.

• Build satisfaction by applying powerful spending management.

• Make sure that HR practices in staffing and potential procedure are up to standard.

• Discerning stock management in our store.

• Beat client hope.

• Make sure lower possibilities through strong power, clear communication, and occupation execution executives.

• Follow the Company’s policies and procedures.

• By leaving the Company principles, you can guarantee an environment of planning and positive resolution.

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