Department of Home Affairs Graduate Program

About the Department of Home Affairs

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) is the custodian of South Africa’s National Population Register. This is a vital part of the country’s identity and security system, and it ensures that all residents have access to secure and efficient services. Besides maintaining the national population register, it also manages the records of death, marriage, and birth.

About the Department of Home Affairs Graduate Program

The Department of Home Affairs is currently offering a graduate program to candidates in various disciplines. This program is open to the public and is designed to provide candidates with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue a successful career. Through the program, participants will be able to improve their skills and develop a solid foundation in their chosen field.

Area / Location: North West & Gauteng
Contract: 3 (Three) Years
Stipend: R5000 – R14 250 monthly

This graduate program will start from 01 November 2022 until 31 October 2025

The below graduate opportunity are available for application:

1. Runner and Prepper


The following tasks are usually performed: retrieving files from shelves, sorting and organizing them, and preparing documents for scanning. Doing so involves removing paper clips and staplers, as well as inserting separate sheets for each file.

2. Re-assembler


The goal of this process is to retrieve the digested files and return them to the shelves. Ensuring that the files are in the correct format.

3. Receiving Clerk


  • Make sure to verify all boxes and files.
  • Numbering and capturing boxes and files.

4. Drivers


  • Box loading, and delivery to all digital bureaus and sources

5. Scanner


  • Using a high-volume scanner, you can easily scan large files. When the scanner is loaded, it will automatically scan all the bundles.

6. Team Leader


  • The goal of this strategy is to ensure that the PMO is always focused on providing the best possible service.
  • It involves regular monitoring all of the daily activities and keeping track of the progress of the team.

Basic Requirements:

Before you apply, make sure that you meet all of the requirements. Failure to do so will result in you being disqualified.

The following qualification is required for individuals to be successful in their chosen field:

  • Runner and Prepper: Those who have completed the requirements for the Diploma in Information Technology or Records Management.
  • Re-assemblers: Those who have completed the requirements for the Diploma in Information Technology or Records Management.
  • Drivers: Those who have completed the requirements for the driver’s license or Records Management.
  • Receiving Clerk: Diploma in record management
  • Scanner: Diploma in library science or computer science
  • Team Leader: Degree in record management

Individuals who are interested in becoming a manager or a library science or information technology professional should have a Master’s degree in either of these fields.

Individuals should have studied at a recognized university or TVET. They must also be between the ages of 18 and 35. Drivers should have a valid license.

How to apply

You must submit your applications online for the position of Graduate Program Officer for the Home Affairs Department. You can also contact your nearest Labour Centre to apply.

Your application should contain all the necessary documents, such as a copy of your identity document and your drivers license.

Please Note that:

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply for the positions. Those who are already enrolled in the ESSA can do so without visiting the labour centers. Only the most qualified and experienced candidates will be required to submit supporting documents.

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