GOOD NEWS: The R350 srd Grant from Sassa will be increased to R624 from the current R350. – AfterMatric-News Portal

GOOD NEWS: The R350 srd Grant from Sassa will be increased to R624 from the current R350.

The social improvement branch of South Africa is working to alleviate the concerns of the people of the country affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is also increasing the amount of resources that are given to caregivers for orphans.

In order to provide more resources to the families affected by the pandemic, the social comfort supply threshold has been raised to R624 from R350. Previously, individuals with profits that were deposited into their bank accounts were not eligible to receive this benefit. This new limit means that those with these earnings will now be able to benefit from the program.

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Lindiwe Zulu, the Social Development Minister, stated that the government has increased the maximum amount from R350.00 to R624.00 that can be claimed by a person in order to align it with the 2022 Food Poverty Line. The minister also noted that the threshold might be adjusted to allow more people to claim the benefit.

According to Statistics SA, over thirty million adults in South Africa are living in poverty. This shows that there are many people who are in need of government assistance.

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In a statement, Zulu apologized to the beneficiaries and candidates of the social assistance program who had been struggling to get the benefits after the provisions of the Disaster Management Act were stopped. The program is now allowed to be implemented through the Social Assistance Act.

The Disaster Management Act of 2017 provided the government with the capability to pay the Covid-19 SRD to about 10.5 million individuals in just a couple of hours. However, the lifting of the kingdom of catastrophe in 2022 delayed the implementation of new policies related to the Social Assistance Act.

The implementation of these changes prompted the government to introduce various provisions in the Public Finance Act. These included the requirement for additional standards in the use of allocated budgets.

According to her, the amendments to the eligibility criteria for the SA Social Security Agency’s grants had helped to increase the number of candidates who were able to receive benefits from the agency to over 12 million.

According to Zulu, about 7.5 million people have been receiving the benefits on a monthly basis. He noted that as the company draws closer to its target of providing insurance and guide coverage to about 10.5 million individuals, they would no longer commit to over-promising when it comes to funding.

The agency also provides a monthly top-up for infants.

The monthly top-up for baby assist will now be increased to R720 from R480 for those who look after orphans.

According to Zulu, the government’s funding for the expansion of infant assistance for orphans has been used to develop a higher existence for the adolescents residing in poverty.

According to the minister, caregivers of orphans should know that the top-up for their children is easily accessible through the Sassa network.

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“The minister says”

The goal of this project is to make sure that the CSG program can meet the primary needs of orphans by removing the need for social workers’ documents and court docket orders. The authorities have raised the eligibility threshold for the social assistance grant to R624 from R350. The supply will remain at R350“.

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