ITHUBA Bursary 2023

About ITHUBA Company

In 2015, ITHUBA Holdings, a private company, became the operator of South Africa’s National Lottery. The organization was established by the Zamani Equity Fund. Its goal is to reinvigorate the country’s National Lottery.

Through the organization’s operations, ITHUBA aims to improve the country’s socio-economic status. It also aims to create a spirit of collaboration among its staff and strategic partners.

The goal of a pragmatic team is to uphold the values of the organization while developing and implementing effective strategies and practices. This will allow them to achieve their goals and improve their performance.

About the ITHUBA Bursary 2023

In recognition of the academic year, that’s coming, ITHUBA Holdings is offering various financial grants or bursary 2023 to students.


  • Marketing
  • Accounting
  • Management Accounting and Finance

Information Technology (IT)

Through its charitable activities, ITHUBA Holdings aims to provide financial assistance to South African youth from disadvantaged backgrounds. The company provides grants to help students pursue their tertiary education in the fields of commerce and information technology.

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What does this bursary cover?

The grant provides a full scholarship / bursary covering the cost of education, including tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses.

The selected bursary candidates will receive psychological and emotional support. Their academic performance will also be monitored to ensure that they are achieving their goals.

The bursary program also provides participants with various advantages, such as support programs and developmental workshops. These will help them prepare for their workplace and meet their goals.

Eligibility Criteria

Before applying for the bursary, candidates must meet the following qualifying requirements:

  • The candidate should be a South African citizen aged 17 to 23 years old.
  • He or she must have completed the 2016 Matric examination.
  • ITHUBA Holdings will consider applicants who are planning on studying in the fields of commerce or IT.
  • The candidate should be planning on studying in a recognized and accredited university in South Africa.
  • The candidate should have a minimum of 70% in each of the subjects in his or her latest examination result.
  • The preference will be given to students from disadvantaged backgrounds or households with a total income of less than R350 000 annually.
  • The candidate should have a passion for studying and dedication to their studies. They must also maintain a high academic background.
  • The candidate should also be able to demonstrate their commitment to the community.
  • ITHUBA Holdings values are aligned with the applicant’s personality traits.

How to apply for ITHUBA Bursary 2023?

To apply for the ITHUBA bursary, candidates needs to go through the application form online.

After filling out the form, the candidates will be asked to create an account and log in to the website.

After you have been selected, an interview will be conducted to evaluate your application. If you don’t receive feedback, then consider it an unsuccessful submission.

Required documents for the bursary

To complete your application, you must send the following documents:

  • If an applicant is planning on studying in a South African university or college, then he or she must provide a certified copy of the necessary documents such as the university’s certificate of acceptance or the latest academic results.
  • Besides the documents, other requirements include proof of residential accommodation and privacy.
  • In addition to these documents, an applicant should also provide a copy of the SASAA letter, as well as proof of income from his or her parents or guardians.
  • Also, a motivational letter should be provided to explain the reason for applying to the program.

Closing date

The ITHUBA bursary 2023 application closing date is November 7, 2022.

ITHUBA Contact details

Candidates should contact if they want further information about the bursary:

Telephone number: (011) 346 6000 or 0800 484 822 (National Lottery Call Center).

Email address:

Please do not submit any inquiries after the deadline. View our other available bursaries/scholarships here:

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