Mbuyelo Coal Bursary 2023

Mbuyelo Coal Bursary Contractors

Mbuyelo Mining Contractors (MMC) were established in 2011 as a sister company to the Mbuyelo Group. It provides a wide range of open-cast mining services, such as the construction of roads and pits, as well as the maintenance of mine facilities.

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The name of this company comes from a term used in Xitsonga, which literally means “returns.” Generally, a company’s success is determined by its rewards and returns.

Mbuyelo Coal Bursary 2023

Mbuyelo Coal, Mining Contractors are inviting students to apply for their bursary program for the academic year 2023.

Undergraduate degree courses in the following subjects will be eligible for bursaries:

  • Human Capital
  • Finance
  • Engineering, Mechanical
  • Psychology in the Workplace
  • Safety
  • Engineering in Mining

To be eligible for the Bursary, students must maintain a high academic record throughout the year. After the application closes, Mbuyelo will contact the candidates to inform them of their status. If they don’t hear back by October 31, 2022, then their application will be considered unsuccessful.

Eligibility Criteria

Before you can apply, you must meet the minimum requirements. If you do not meet these requirements, then your application will not be considered.

  • You must be a South African citizen to apply.
  • You must be enrolled in or planning on studying at an institution that is recognized and accredited by the government.
  • You must also be pursuing a qualification in any of the following fields.
  • You must have a strong academic record.
  • If you are currently enrolled in a college or university, then your overall average should be at least 60%.
  • The preferred applicants will be those from the following municipalities: Albert Luthuli, Steve Tshwete, and Emakhazeni.

How to apply

All students interested in this bursary must submit their application online at: Mbuyelo Bursary Application

Required Documents

You must also provide the following documents to complete the application. These documents should be sent in a copy. A missing item may disqualify you from the application.

  • You must provide a copy of your identity document, if you are a student in the process of obtaining a certificate of registration or acceptance, or if you have a valid university or academic registration letter.
  • You should also provide a copy of your residence proof, which is certified by the local authority or municipality.

The deadline for applying for the scholarship is October 31, 2022. However, since applications received after the deadline will not be considered, make sure that you apply before the deadline.

Contact Details

Phone Number: (011) 867 0836

Email Address: info@mbuyelo.com

Web page: www.mbuyelo.com/contact-us/


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