NSFAS students will see an increase in their living allowances.

In June, Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande revealed that the monthly allowances for students who are supported by the NSU would be increasing for the upcoming academic year.

NSFAS provides aid to students who need financial help with their education. These include allowances for living expenses, learning materials, and accommodations.

In addition, the minister of Higher Education, Nzimande, announced that the allowances for the academic year 2023 will be increased by 10%.

This increase comes amid numerous appeals from student groups and associations, who noted that the allowances were insufficient to meet their basic needs due to rising costs and inflation.

The SAUS, which represents student groups in the country, has urged the NSFAS to increase the allowances.

According to the Saus, the 5% increase was rejected as the food allowance given to students in 2018 had already gone down to around 60% of what they can buy now.

Following a meeting with various stakeholder groups, including NSFAS, the government reaffirmed its decision to increase the living allowances by 10%.

According to Saus, the meeting resolved that the implementation of the 10% increase will be carried out before the end of this week. The allowances will then be paid to students at the next “ingenile.”

In addition, Nzimande met with USAF to discuss the concerns of students about the implementation of the cap on student allowances.

According to NSFAS, the accommodation allowances that are provided to students through the bursary scheme will be limited to R45 000 per year.

According to students, the implementation of the new allowances limits will not be feasible due to the rising cost of housing in the country.

This week, the minister’s committee on student accommodation will meet to look into the various issues that affect the students.

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