School of Investment And Banking

School of Investment And Banking 2022-2023

Do you want to work in finance, possibly in banking or investment?

Do you want to know what’s new in the industry?

Milpark Education school of investment and banking 2022-2023 might provide you a competitive edge if you’re considering a promotion or career advancement.

We keep our finger on the pulse of local and worldwide financial services trends and can assist you with acquiring the skills you require.

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Milpark Education will do the following:

Create an academic program that suits your needs.

Make a positive impact on your career.

Organize your academics to fit your lifestyle.

Milpark University has a world-class program focused on building ethical leaders who will lead us to a more responsible future.

About The School of Investment and Banking

The School of Investment and Banking is located in Gauteng, South Africa

In an industry that is developing at an unprecedented rate, the goal is to become your career partner. As traditional financial institutions change and new competitors enter the market, you’ll need to be prepared with skills and competences that will help you succeed in an ever-changing financial services business. Allow Milpark Education to assist you in your investment and banking education.

Partnering with you on your investment and banking learning path will provide you an outstanding life.

Every Milpark student is different, and we understand that each person’s journey has its own set of challenges. Milpark will assist you in navigating the hurdles you may experience on your path to attaining your objectives and living a really fulfilling life as a lifelong learner.

Why should you consider studying at the School of Investment and Banking?

Milpark’s faculty is at the cutting edge of industrial knowledge. We wish to inspire you to make the appropriate investment in your education and future by providing you with educated and relevant speakers. Join us to learn from academics and practitioners who are experts in their fields. Take advantage of classes that provide critical information and encourage practical application. Wherever you are, you may study online!

Head of the School of Investment and Banking

David Venter

Since 2016, David has worked in academics in a variety of capacities. David spent ten years in the Investment Management profession as a Fund Manager. He graduated with a B.Com in Financial Management from the University of South Africa and an MSc in Finance from the University of London.

Future in the Banking

For many years, the banking industry has been severely disrupted, and this is projected to continue in the future. It’s also reacting to a growing demand for more ethical and sustainable goods and services.

Milpark Education develops workers that are motivated by their principles and confident in the use of cutting-edge technology. This entails being open to a wider range of banking instruments, as well as non-traditional ones. As a result, there is a greater emphasis on compliance and risk management capabilities, as well as ensuring that practitioners are prepared to deal with the expanding difficulties of fraud and financial crime.

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Graduates should also be prepared for the future in terms of general abilities including creativity, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and persuasion. Milpark is committed to instilling these values in our programs in order to develop graduates who are ready to enter the workforce.

Milpark provides future-fit modules.


  • Detection of Fraud


  • Financial Crime; No Boundaries Banking Techniques and Strategies for Compliance; Fraud Examination


  • Case Study on Compliance and Risk Management; Technology and Innovation Management


  • Technology in Financial Services
Methods of Studying

All of their learning activities are conducted online here, with options to fit your lifestyle as well as your preferred level of engagement and flexibility.

Do you require assistance?

Learn more about their admissions process and how to apply to study at Milpark, or simply contact Milpark here to discuss your educational goals.

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