South Africa’s Schools Are Set To Start Incorporating Climate Change Into Their Curriculum.

Climate change is a fact of life for most of the global society and South Africa is no exception. It will be brought to the school curriculum in the country.

In South Africa, climate literacy is being introduced in schools. This is a significant step in addressing the issue of climate change.

Through a collaboration with the African Climate Project, Food & Trees for African has created a program that will be used in schools in South Africa. The goal of the program is to teach children about climate literacy.

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A representative of the organization, Bharati Tugh, said that their main objective is to provide sustainable food security and environmental protection. They also promote tree-planting programs and climate awareness.

The program aims to introduce children to the concept of climate change and teach them how they can help their communities adapt to its effects. Although it is a complex topic, the program is organized and presented in a way that explains how climate change can affect South Africa.

Due to the diverse voices that can be heard in the discussion about the topic, the organization strives to present content in a variety of ways.

This topic aims to look at the effects of climate change on different aspects of society, such as the economy and infrastructure.

The program’s first training sessions have already started in various parts of the Western Cape.

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These sessions are aligned with the curriculum of South Africa’s schools. They can also be used in other subjects such as social studies and natural sciences.

Some schools in the province are already implementing the program. Teachers are also expected to receive continuous training.

The goal of the program is to expand its reach to other provinces through the engagement of their education departments.

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