Teaching Assistant Phase 4 Application Open

About Teaching Assistant Job

You’ll be responsible for carrying out various tasks and responsibilities as a teacher’s assistant. These include providing support to the teachers, as well as helping out with other school activities.

Basic Requirements for Teaching Assistant

The following qualifications will be required for appointment to these positions:

  • To be considered for this role, you must be at least 18 years old and a South African citizen.
  • A valid passport or ID book is also required.
  • You must reside within 5 kilometers of  where you will work.
  • This distance should be increased to 30 kilometers if you will be working at a rural school.
  • A family may only have one applicant for this post.
  • You must fulfill all of the prerequisites for the position for which you are applying.
  • You have finished all of the training days, but are presently unemployed.
  • In addition, you are not enrolled in a full-time or part-time school.

Responsibilities of Teaching Assistant:

As a teacher’s assistant, your responsibilities may vary depending on the type of post you’re working in and the teacher you’re working with.

  • Being able to help with the various activities of the classroom can improve the quality of teaching.
  • Being able to help the teacher develop a positive attitude and manage the difficult behavior of the students can also help keep them focused on learning.
  • Being able to help the teacher carry out various tasks and activities in class is also beneficial for keeping the students focused on learning.
  • Being able to monitor the progress of the students can also help the teacher keep track of the issues they are experiencing.
  • Outside of class, you can also help with after-school activities and other school-related activities.

How to apply for Teaching Assistant Job?

You must be a teacher or a teaching assistant to be considered for this program. follow the steps below:

1. Go to the SAYouth.mobi website.

2. Register your profile by tapping on JOIN THE NETWORK

3. Sign in with your details.

4. In case you are interested in the chance, CLICK APPLY NOW.

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