The Department Seeks to Employ 287 000 Unemployed Youth for Teaching Assistant

The Department Seeks to Employ 287 000 Unemployed Youth for Teaching Assistant 2022 – 2023

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is tasked with monitoring the standards of education provision, delivery, and performance across South Africa on an annual or other specified basis in order to assess compliance with provisions of the Republic of South Africa’s Constitution of 1996 and national education policy.

Schooling 2025, the overarching plan for the basic education sector, encompasses the long-term vision of education priorities, targets, and programmes outlined in the sector’s National Development Plan (NDP).

According to the NDP’s Vision 2030, by 2030, South Africans would have access to high-quality education and training, resulting in drastically improved learning outcomes.

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The department was expected to continue focusing on the following areas: improving school infrastructure; providing high-quality learner and teacher support materials; developing skills for a changing world; planning for the migration of the early childhood development (ECD) function from the social development sector to the basic education sector; providing assistance to improve matric completion rates; facilitating an increase in the supply of quality teachers; and providing nutritious meals.

Applications for the post of teaching assistant are presently being accepted by the Basic Education Employment Initiative. Here’s a step-by-step approach to utilize to find after-school colleague positions under the Basic Education Employment Initiative.

New Jobs And Learnerships

The department’s goal is to employ 287 000 unemployed young people. Helping Teachers

The department seeks to provide 287 000 unemployed young people, (+/-192 000 Education Assistants and +/- 95 000 General School Assistants), with employment and training opportunities in the education sector as part of the Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI)-Basic Education Employment Initiative (BEEI), which is part of the Presidential Employment Stimulus (PES).

Youth between the ages of 18 and 35 who are not actively enrolled in school or training and do not receive any type of government assistance, as well as young people with disabilities and women, are eligible and encouraged to apply for this enlightening experience. Candidates chosen for placement will be given the opportunity to acquire training in a variety of skills that will prepare them for future work opportunities.

From 1 April 2022 to 30 October 2022, all successful candidates will be placed in schools for 6 months for the following potential opportunities:

Curriculum – Education Assistant
ICT/e-Cadres – Education Assistant
Reading Champions – Education Assistant
Child and Youth Care Worker – General School Assistant
Handyman – General School Assistant (no matric required)
Sports and Enrichment Agent – General School Assistant (no matric required)


One of the new ideas is the establishment of ‘e-Cadres,’ who will serve as IT assistance in classrooms.

“The e-Cadres will offer value in the classroom by aiding instructors and learners with ICT equipment issues and posting educational content on learners’ and teachers’ devices,” according to the department.

“The need for this change is urgent and timely, given that the Covid-19 pandemic has expedited the need to transition to a digital future where teachings may be delivered virtually.”

“When learners and teachers receive the appropriate digital learning support, the response is frequently visible.” All public schools will be equipped with e-Cadres.”


To be qualified as an Education Assistant, you must have completed matric English and have a NQF Level 4, 6, or 7 qualification certificate. A matric certificate is not required for placement as a General School Assistant, but it is desirable for Infrastructure support, Sports and Enrichment Agents, and other positions. Qualifications in a trade are also preferred.

To work in education, you must be able to collaborate and work effectively in groups, have good communication skills, be a good listener, and be academically inclined.

How to apply?

To apply for a placement, young people can go to and create a profile before submitting their application. Due to Covid19 regulations, no walk-ins will be permitted in schools. Applicants must fill out form via application form 2022

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CV; Testimonials (from a previous school, a local chief, a church leader, and so on); Police clearance certificates;
While awaiting police clearance, the applicant must provide an affidavit/declaration declaring that they have no criminal background.
Certified qualifications such as Matric (where applicable: NQF Level 4 qualification certificate, with applicants with NQF Level 6 and 7 having an advantage); A certified copy of an identity document/passport is required.

Option A: Check the Status of Your Application

If you applied through, you can log in and monitor the status of your application.

Option B:

Go to the nearest school and look at the list of people who have been shortlisted.

If you did not submit your application on time, Register with to see if there are any available spaces.


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