The Student Representative Council of the Wits University has accused the school’s Administrators of refusing to negotiate with the suspended students.

The Student Representative Council of the Wits university (SRC) held a media briefing on Wednesday to discuss its plan to suspend the protests over the accommodation and fees for one day. In exchange for the removal of police officers and private security guards from the campus, six students, including the president, were suspended.

Aphiwe Mnyamana, the suspended Student Representative Council president, said that the university should include the suspended leaders of the student unions in Thursday’s negotiations.

However, the university rejected the request.

According to Mngyamana, the negotiations could not take place due to the university’s refusal.

A strategy that was supposed to divide and conquer the members of the SRC failed to materialize. The members of the organization were not willing to negotiate while the unjust suspension of the current president was still in place.

The members of the SRC vowed to defend the rights of students. They also stated that they would not give up on their efforts to ensure that the interests of the students were represented.

According to university spokesperson, Shirona Patel, the two parties agreed to try and resolve the issue through engagement.

As the two parties try to find a way forward, they will continue to talk. The university will also keep its students informed about developments.

Patel was accused of misleading the public.

He also urged the members of the organization not to hide anything from the public. Instead, they should tell the truth. He wrote on Twitter.

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Striking students are asking the university to provide accommodation to the homeless or those who can’t afford to pay the monthly residence fees.

They’re asking that learners with historical debt of less than R150 000 should be allowed to enroll for the upcoming academic year.

They’re also demanding that the university’s management stop using student loans as collateral.

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