TUT classes have been canceled due to campus protests.

Another student protest has erupted at the Tshwane University Technology (TUT). Similar protests have been taking place across the country.

The student protests at various universities in the country have been escalating. One of the latest institutions to join the movement is the Tshwane University Technology.

Over the past few days, the students of TUT have been participating in protests. The actions led to the university’s closure.

The university’s gates are expected to be opened today, following the discussions between the management and the SRC.

The head of the SRC at TUT, Keamogetse Masike, has denied that the university has met with the SRC. He claims that the institution is lying about the meetings.

According to Masike, the various issues that the university and the SRC discussed were resolved. One of these is the issue of the graduates. He noted that the institution has publicly stated that all those who have completed their studies using the NSFAS will receive their certificates.

He also stated that the university is in a crisis because the students have not been given a way forward regarding the various issues that they raised.

Even though the gates have been opened, there have been instances of students chasing away staff and other students who were still on the campus.

The students of TUT are also concerned about the state of their residences. Many universities in the country provide unconducive and unsafe accommodation.

The harsh living conditions that students experience during their studies have made their experience at university unbearable. According to some students, their accommodations have affected their academic performance and well-being.

According to Masike, the university still has a lot of issues to address. He also stated that the students have a basic right to water. He noted that if the university does not provide adequate facilities, then it is not addressing their rights.

He also referred to an alleged sexual assault that occurred on the campus. The students claimed that the university had failed to take action against the perpetrators.

In another case of GBV, a female third-year student was brutally murdered at the university. The victim’s boyfriend was allegedly involved in the incident.

The president of the student council of TUT stated that the group will be meeting with the university’s officials today to discuss the way forward. This is the first time that the two groups have met since the protests started.

Last week, the students of the University of Johannesburg joined the other universities that have been experiencing protests since February 13.

Other universities that have been affected by the protests include the University of KwaZulu- Natal, the University of Western Cape, and Northwest University.

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