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With the publication of Matric results coming, this week is critical for the Matric class of 2021. Umalusi has approved the release of Matric results after irregularities were discovered during the 2021 Matric test season.

The release of the 2021 Matric results has been authorised by Umalusi. The Department of Basic Education plans to reveal the matric results on the evening of 20 January, with the results being made public a few days later on 21 January.

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During their press conference on Tuesday morning, Umalusi stated that the Matric class of 2021 is the eighth grade 12 cohort to write their final exams under the Curriculum Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS), but they are also the ones who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic for the past two years.

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Due to the National Lockdown, the class of 2021 was also the second grade 12 group to be evaluated under health and safety conditions.

Prof. John Volmink, Chairperson of Umalusi, says:

Due to the problems provided by Covid-19, the academic years 2020 and 2021 were extremely challenging, but Umalusi did its best and stayed true to its statutory purpose.

Since the 16th of December, Umalusi has been analyzing and modifying the results of learners.

The final National Senior Certificate (NSC) exams for 2021 were taken by 733 117 full-time applicants and 162 793 part-time candidates, bringing the total number of candidates to 896 710.

The Council discovered one irregularity: some pupils in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng were provided early access to Matric exam papers. The investigation is still ongoing.

Umalusi responded to requests to eliminate the 30% Matric pass rate by saying:

These three Matric passes are Bachelor’s, Diploma, and Higher Certificate, with Umalusi CEO, Mafu Rakometsi, adding that “each level requires a specific mix of marks per topic, and none of these levels require learners to pass their subjects with 30 percent.”

Umalusi is the quality assurance body in charge of standardizing the Matric exams in order to ensure that learners are not disadvantaged by variables other than their knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes, as well as to establish comparability and consistency of learner performance.

Here is where to find the 2021 Matric exam results

The wait for the matric Class of 2021 is almost over, as they will shortly discover their exam results.

The Department of Education said this year that it will no longer make the matric results public in accordance with the Protection of Personal Information Act, making the information significantly less accessible than in prior years.

A recent hearing at the Pretoria High Court, however, declared the matric results to be a public affair once more. As a result, in addition to collecting their results through their schools, matriculants will be able to see their results published in a variety of venues.

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Matric Results Release Date

Matric results for government schools will be announced on Thursday, 20 January 2022, with individual results available on Friday, 21 January. Matriculation results for IEB schools will be revealed on Wednesday, January 21, 2022.

The results will be released on the same day in all provinces.

Website of the Department of Education

The Department of Basic Education has announced that matriculation results will be made available via its zero-rated website. Candidates must enter their ID number as well as their exam number in order to register.

Visit to register.


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