Unisa Responded to Students Online Petition about Diploma in Grade R Teaching

Unisa has responded to a student’s online petition for a diploma in Grade R teaching.

On the 6th of April 2022, the University of South Africa (UNISA) reacted to an online petition from students who were worried about the so-called “evidence of employment” requirement for individuals presently studying for a Diploma in Grade R Teaching with the University.

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Online Petition

Students in the aforementioned discipline went to the online platform change.org to start a petition directed to the University of South Africa and the Department of Higher Education and Training regarding an email they received from the institution regarding proof of employment they must send to the university in order to continue their studies.

The petition’s specifics

“I am one of many ambitious teachers who applied for a Diploma in Grade R Teaching at UNISA,” claims the petition. Our applications were approved, registrations were completed, and payments were paid.”

The petition is still ongoing. “We even got study materials and are now working on our tasks.”

Concerns for students

Here’s what the students were worried about when it came to the Grade R Teaching Diploma Course. “Now we’ve received an email from UNISA stating that if we don’t submit proof of employment in Grade R by April 5, 2022, our course will be terminated.” When we applied, however, such evidence of employment was never required. That is why we were allowed to register and begin our studies in the first place. It is really sad for a well-known university to be inept in determining whether or not students qualify. It is their responsibility to admit qualified pupils.”

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The petition is still ongoing, and the students discussed how they saved money to pay for the course. They further stated that several of them (students) had turned down other offers in order to pursue this course.

What are the Students pleading for?

“We are requesting, as students, that UNISA corrects its misunderstanding of the law and enables us to continue studying this course after we have spent our time and money,” they said at the end of their petition.

The petition has got signatures.

The petition’s goal was to get 7500 signatories. The petition had 7111 signatures by the 7th of April. According to the petition writer, the petition was delivered to the university via Change.org and one of the concerned students at the Sunnyside campus.

Unisa Reaction to the Petition

The University of South Africa has reacted to the petition via their website’s online announcement page.

“The University of South Africa (Unisa) is aware of the concern being raised by students in the online petition about the Diploma in Grade R Teaching,” Unisa said.

They went over the course’s introduction and prerequisites in further detail. Then went on to say, “The University of South Africa (Unisa) is aware of the issue expressed by students in the online petition about the Diploma in Grade R Teaching,” and they reprinted the stated criteria on the announcement.

“The University has engaged its internal mechanisms to resolve this situation,” the university said. The conclusion of the internal procedure will be disclosed to the pupils who are affected.” Read the complete answer from Unisa here.

Question Period

Are you satisfied with Unisa’s answer to the petition about the Grade R Teaching Diploma? What are your thoughts on the students’ internet protests?

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