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University Of Pretoria Online Application 2022 – 2023

Applications for learn at the University of Pretoria in 2022 are completely on the web.

Applications for 2022 will open on 1 May 2021.

Application for admission to undergrad study programs for both South African and global residents close on explicit dates in the year going before the time of study. Check the rundown of shutting dates provided beneath to ensure that you present your application on schedule. To utilize the Online Application System you will require web access, just as an email address that you can get to consistently, on the grounds that when you present your web-based application, an understudy number (EMPLID) will be shipped off this email address as affirmation of receipt.

Online Application Instructions

University Of Pretoria Online Application System is expected for use by new forthcoming understudies presenting an application to UP interestingly. It isn’t expected for understudies by and by enrolled at the University of Pretoria.

To utilize the Online Application System you will require the accompanying:

Web access

An email address which you can get to routinely, on the grounds that when you present your internet based application, an understudy number (EMPLID) will be shipped off this email address as affirmation of receipt.

General Application Information

UP applications open on 1 May of the year going before the extended period of study.

Each imminent understudy should finish just a single web-based application. On the web-based application the University of Pretoria offers a first and subsequent option in quite a while of what you wish to contemplate. All candidates should fill in both a first and subsequent option on the web-based application.

When your web-based application has been handled, you will get an understudy number(EMPLID).

Getting an understudy number (EMPLID) doesn’t suggest that you have been acknowledged by the University of Pretoria yet. Confirmation is a different interaction that your application goes through subsequent to being assessed by the significant staff.

It is to your greatest advantage to finish your own internet based application. The University of Pretoria doesn’t utilize delegates, specialists or organizations during the application cycle. On the off chance that you decide to utilize delegates, specialists or offices, you do as such at your own danger. It is of most extreme significance that you give your own email and postal addresses to empower the University of Pretoria to speak with you straightforwardly.

For the application for Distance Education confirmation (Faculty of Education) kindly visit the “Distance Education ” site page before you apply. Various standards are appropriate.

Note that should you wish to concentrate on the determination programs BSc(Arch)(Architecture) or BSc(Int)(Interior Architecture), you should demonstrate them as your best option on your application, or you won’t be considered for these projects. It is additionally prescribed to demonstrate the other choice projects as your best option on the internet based application.

Application Status

Click here for a bit by bit guide on the best way to set up your My UP Login (UP Portal) secret word.

To actually take a look at the situation with your application, if it’s not too much trouble, click MyUP Login(UP Portal)to access your Student Center.

Acknowledgment of confirmation

In the event that you have been conceded restrictively or genuinely, if it’s not too much trouble, visit the MyUP Login(UP Portal)’Student Center’ to acknowledge or dismiss the spot that has been dispensed to you.

Assuming you need to enquire about the accompanying, kindly email or call 012 420 3111:

You didn’t get an affirmation letter.

Your status specifies “anticipating results” in spite of the way that you have effectively presented your outcomes as mentioned on your application structure.

You need to change your review program.


Continuously express your name, last name, understudy number, ID number and contact number in your email and give a diagram of your enquiry.

Check the accuracy of your own data just as the situation with your application on the MyUP Login(UP Portal) consistently.

Understudy Accommodation

The Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, affectionately alluded to as the TuksRes Family, is an independent specialty unit, with different supervisory crews serving home understudies.

With 10 000 understudies in our convenience spaces, the University of Pretoria is pleased to be known as the biggest private college in South Africa.

By having an expansive construction like TuksRes, one can deal with the different necessities of our understudy area living in a home.

If it’s not too much trouble, note that a portion of our homes names have changed and you can find them here that they are hanging around for simpler comfort.

About University of Pretoria

In October 2004, the Council of the University of Pretoria settled on a leader choice to smooth out every one of the different capacities identified with homes under one specialty unit. This was to lighten the different storehouses that existed all over grounds and subsequently the Department of Residence Affairs and convenience (TuksRes) was conceived.


To offer a nearby living climate that upholds every understudy’s scholastic involvement with the University of Pretoria.


To endeavor towards making a local area that encourages wellbeing/security, self-improvement/development and the delivering of expert administrations. We are moreover dedicated to be receptive to the necessities, everything being equal, and to be driven by the ideal of understanding a superior nature of understudy life in our homes.

As we live by our adage – Legaegae, Real Home – we endeavor to furnish every single understudy with a living local area they can call home.

For enquiries, you can discover the contact list here.

On the other hand you can email or contact + 27 (0) 12 420 3000

How to apply

University of Pretoria Online Application


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